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We are thankful for our B. H. Carroll family of believers that support our vision of returning Theological Education to the local church. We strive to provide accessible, affordable, achievable, and accredited Theological education to men and women where they already live, work, and serve.

When you give to B. H. Carroll Theological Institute your dollars and cents go to lower the cost of student debt. On average, a degree at Carroll costs 53% less than a traditional residential seminary, with approximately 80% of tuition and fees paid by the generous gifts of supporters and friends of Carroll, people God has called to fund the mission of teaching and training the next generation of ministry leaders worldwide.

  • Gifts and donations also serve to provide global students in places such as Russia, Cuba, China and Vietnam with full scholarships to attend B. H. Carroll in their homeland.
  • Generous donors will also be happy to know that donations help expand our online library of resources that rival any school’s library anywhere in the world.
  • Donations and gifts also help advance Carroll by allowing us to stay on the cutting edge of technological advancements in the field of education.

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